At One Performance UK we pride ourselves in professional excellence, collective experience and expertise offered by our elite personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches.

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One Performance UK is a premium provider of Personal Training and Sports Therapy services, located in Richmond, Greater London.

We have combined a team of the most talented coaches and therapists with the industry’s finest training systems, under one roof, in a purpose-designed performance environment.

OPUK has been established specifically to make our clients look, feel and perform at their very best. Whether elite athletes chasing maximal performance, complete amateurs seeking physique transformations or anyone looking to obtain better health, movement and energy, OPUK delivers outstanding results.

OPUK welcomes all levels to come and be part of our community.


One Performance UK
Reviewed from Google

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing facilities and trainers!! I was hesitant to join the group class as I was unfit. But all the trainers are so helpful and really guide you so that you get the correct techniques and really push you to get the most out of your workout. I really enjoy coming here as it's such a motivating and welcoming environment. 😊

Cheryl Joy
Cheryl Joy

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

One Performance UK Personal Training studio in Richmond- its really unique concept and facilities, due to its philosophy and design. I have known Mike Burt for over 13 years as my Personal Trainer and now proud owner of One Performance UK- Personal Training Studio in Richmond. I don't know anyone more deserving of success in this field than Mike. He is extremely professional, diligent, committed, consistent, knowledgeable, eager always to know more, well rounded in his understanding of sport, health, nutrition, psychology, he is continuously on self development courses. Moreover his methods are honest, straight forward and THEY WORK. just to give you an example of Mike's long term input into my health and fitness, this is my thank you to him when i and my first child and my physical condition during and post labour all thanks to his continuous training:

That is the real purpose of life... I had my contractions from Sunday 8pm ... All the way through the night, Monday at 11am I felt I was ready to go to the hospital for my birth. I used literally zero pain killers, not even gas and air. My Hypnobirthing preparation helped a lot, I used that from start to finish. Also, Mike an enormous thank you for all your hard work all these years of pushing my heart rate.

The medical staff was super impressed: 1. My heart rate was stable all the way and so was babies 2. I spent pretty much on my all fours from Sunday 21st 8pm till Monday 22nd 4pm non stop and various yoga positions.. Only a proper core from sports for past 11 years with you could provide such resilient stamina. 3. I'm certain my recovery will be just as stellar AND INDEED i have almost my six pack back and just one more stone to loose (out of 4 put on!)

So, I can't wait to use your new personal training facilities in Richmond. If there is any way you wish me to put this in writing as testimony on your new website, I will gladly do this. I can't believe that it all happened to me, and it's not just a case scenario from my book.. It is really possible and I wish Bryony to have the same easy birth... She clearly has the right coach next to her! It is indeed like preparing for the marathon, apart that is better.. You get something much more priceless than a medal. You get to loose at least 5kg of weight 😀 but in return you gain this lifetime treasure as your child. So I thank you from all my heart, that I could achieve another 'physical' challenge in my life and bust the myths of what others say it is not possible .. I would do it all over again ! 😝

If i have to summarise in a few words what makes Mike and therefore One Performance UK in Richmond is a unique from other Personal Training studios, I would say: unique delivery from start to finish of training philosophy, facilities quality in combination with the training, ethos of the team, they push your fitness limits however in a very supportive manner, top notch professionals that 'look in accordance to what they preach' -which less agree is not always the case, they have diets that are exemplary and inspirational but most importantly DOABLE and simple, but most importantly they all have that 'je ne sais quoi'/a.k.a. 'can’t put into words' that all their individual experiences, individualities make them stand out of the crowed of PT's. But honestly best, check them out at least once and you will never want to use another studio again!

marina delvaux
marina delvaux

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Fantastic facility, I am an over 50's trainer and this is the best equipped gym I have been to for a long while, the staff are friendly and very helpful.
The training programs are tailored to your current level of fitness and very progressive, so you make gains every week.
Mike is very knowledgeable and approachable, I would recommend this facility to anyone especially us older athletes.

Ian Day
Ian Day

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Training in conjunction with Osteopathy – the results have been fantastic! The knowledge is truly excellent, the training facilities are second to none, combine this with the on site clinic and it really is the winning formula.
Andrew R.North Sheen. Trainer: Jonathan / Osteopath: Bryony


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    Mike Burt
    MD Head Coach
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    Scott Storey
  • training

    Jonathan Francis
  • specialist

    Grant Breese
    Elite Performance Coach
  • clinic

    Bryony Burt
    Clinic Director, Osteopath
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    Daniel McCarthy
  • clinic

    Mike Kindley
    Sports Massage Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • clinic

    Tracey Matthews
    Physiotherapist/ Sports Massage Therapist


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