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David Godfrey has over 15 years of industry experience, as a Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach and Body Transformation Specialist. A graduate of Loughborough University, David is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and an NLP Master Practitioner. David has also worked as a Fitness Model and Cover Model, including Men's Health Magazine.

Cardio For Fat Loss

Key Points
• Resistance training and diet and most important in fat loss.
• Traditional “cardio” is primarily a means to increase energy expenditure, as opposed to improve body shape.
• Moderate intensity steady state cardio alone such as jogging is least effective. At best it contributes to a stringy, shapeless body with poor muscle mass.
• High intensity […]

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5 Easy Fat Loss Tips

We all want fat loss to be as easy as possible, particularly during the festive period.

The following tips and tricks are the best fat loss strategies that anyone can employ that require the least amount of effort, time, hassle or pain!
Eat protein and veg at every meal and eat them first
Protein makes you feel fuller […]

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Build Massive Strength With Waves

Wave loading is a fantastic way to increase your strength. Here is a typical example:

Wave 1:

5 reps on 75% 1RM, rest 3-5 minutes
3 reps on 85% 1RM, rest 3-5 minutes
1 rep on 95% 1RM, rest 3-5 minutes

Wave 2:

5 reps on 80% 1RM, rest 3-5 minutes
3 reps on 90% 1RM, rest 3-5 minutes
1 rep on 100% […]

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Rapid Transformations

How long will it take me to… get in shape / get a transformation / lose weight / get abs / build muscle?

This is the type of question we get asked very frequently as trainers. People want to know how long it’s going to take them to achieve their goals, and unfortunately the answer is […]

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Does Your Personal Trainer Give A Damn?

Key Points

Personal training standards vary dramatically. Here’s how you can tell if your trainer genuinely cares about you and your results.
Do you get a sense they genuinely care?
Are you making progress?
Is your personal trainer tracking data?
Does your personal trainer contact you outside the sessions?
Is your personal trainer attentive and focused for the entire session?
Does your […]

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Metabolism and Weight Loss

Your metabolism is your most precious asset when it comes to weight loss and fat loss. Your metabolism comprises all the chemical reactions in the body involved in maintaining the living state of the organism.

When your metabolism is elevated various cells in your body receive the message to do more of what they do. Depending […]

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Women, Weight Loss and Weight Training

Women are frequently terrified of lifting weights as part of an exercise programme because they think it will magically turn them into Arnold Schwarzenegger. This misconception is one of the biggest hurdles holding so many women back from getting the figure they would really like.

If you are female and genuinely tried your best to gain […]

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Does Running Suck?

Running is an enormously popular activity. Most days you’ll see someone pounding the streets or doing laps of the local park. People run for different reasons. Some do it as a competitive sport, some as a means to improving their general fitness, health and wellbeing, others do it for stress relief, and a large proportion […]

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Stress Free Weight Loss

A question we get asked a lot as personal trainers is how to lose weight whilst still being able to enjoy your life and without it being so stressful. As we explored in our recent article on easier dieting, compliance is the number one priority on any diet or transformation programme, and we have a […]

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Muscular Development and Lifting Speed

Go into any gym and you’ll see guys lifting weights at all kinds of different speeds. You’ve got the super slow guy lifting super light weights. You’ve got the weight lifter on the platform lifting heavy weights very quickly. And then there’s always that guy in the corner having a fit and doing who knows […]

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