Girls – Why Should You Lift?

There has been an increase in the number of women hitting the free weights area in the last few years both on their own and with a personal trainer but there is still a large number of women scared to enter. Here are a few reasons as to why you should get off that cross […]

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What is Strongman Training and Why Is It Unbeatable For Fat Loss?

Strongman training is growing in popularity in gyms and performance centres as gym owners and personal trainers turn to this style of training to get maximum results from their clients. Many facilities are being bespoke designed to be able to fully utilise the strongman style of training with large turfed areas or tracks being incorporated […]

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“How do I lose fat on my abdominals?”
“How to I lose fat around my hips and waist?”
“How do I lose fat on my triceps?”

These are all very common questions people ask in relation to improving body composition and losing body-fat. The trouble is, all these questions imply that body-fat losses […]

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‘Functional fitness’ our take…

“Functional’ is a buzzword in the fitness industry right now, one that personal trainers love to throw around to make them appear more ‘current’, but what exactly is a ‘functional exercise’?

Arguably, pretty much everything you do in a gym can be classed as functional, essentially whenever you move or lift, your muscles organise themselves to […]

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I’d estimate that in reality the numbers are way higher. Recreational steroid use is rife amongst male gym goers who it seems would go to any lengths purely, it seems, for vanity.

Take Spencer Matthews, former reality TV star who was booted off ‘I’m […]

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Fitness Myths

It only takes one paper or one Internet ‘expert’ to proclaim something online these days and it suddenly becomes hard fact and is spuriously enforced as gospel by personal trainers across the land!

Science has now debunked many old school fitness facts such as ‘you shouldn’t squat below parallel’, but what about the new age trends […]

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Winter is over so time to stop hibernating


Believe it or not, winter tiredness is a recognised medical condition, though here at One Performance in Richmond we are not referring to an ailment that is as drastic in its effect as ME. Instead, what we are really referring to is what is more commonly known as the winter blues. With grey skies, never-ending […]

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Working out proven best pain management treatment out there

Sudden, jarring aches and pains tend to jolt you into a panic and a desperate search for medical and technological relief.  But actually the solution to pain management in the long term is much more straightforward than you ever imagined.  The Daily Mail cites a study demonstrating that of all the treatments attempted regular exercise […]

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Tired all the time?  Maybe it’s time to visit a personal trainer

If you’ve been feeling extra drowsy and lethargic even in the morning and even after a hearty meal you may be experiencing more than the winter blues.  More and more studies are finding that a sedentary lifestyle with a fat- and carb-heavy diet can contribute to chronic fatigue and depression.  These are factors that can […]

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A personal trainer can help you lose that fat around your middle for good

If you’re heading into middle age or in the midst of menopause you may be noticing those love handles expanding around your waistline. They could be more dangerous than you think. The Times reports on a Mayo Clinic study that found having fat distributed evenly across your body is actually safer that accumulating fat only […]

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