Work off the festive drinks with these kcal tips

’Tis the season of indulgence, even the hardest competitors are going to be relaxing their every day rules and enjoying the festivities. Food aside, I thought I’d take the time to do a more lighthearted but still relevant Christmas blog to demonstrate the kind of exercise you’re going to have to put in if you […]

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Essential rules of strength training from Brian Shaw, 4x World’s Strongest Man

We were honoured to welcome the legend that is Brian Shaw into One Performance. He shared his life story and gave us insights into what it takes both mentally and physically to become the World’s Strongest Man four times over.
In case you missed it, or needed a refresher, I thought I’d sum up his thoughts […]

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What is Strongman Training and Why Is It Unbeatable For Fat Loss?

Strongman training is growing in popularity in gyms and performance centres as gym owners and personal trainers turn to this style of training to get maximum results from their clients. Many facilities are being bespoke designed to be able to fully utilise the strongman style of training with large turfed areas or tracks being incorporated […]

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“How do I lose fat on my abdominals?”
“How to I lose fat around my hips and waist?”
“How do I lose fat on my triceps?”

These are all very common questions people ask in relation to improving body composition and losing body-fat. The trouble is, all these questions imply that body-fat losses […]

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Winter is over so time to stop hibernating


Believe it or not, winter tiredness is a recognised medical condition, though here at One Performance in Richmond we are not referring to an ailment that is as drastic in its effect as ME. Instead, what we are really referring to is what is more commonly known as the winter blues. With grey skies, never-ending […]

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Working out proven best pain management treatment out there

Sudden, jarring aches and pains tend to jolt you into a panic and a desperate search for medical and technological relief.  But actually the solution to pain management in the long term is much more straightforward than you ever imagined.  The Daily Mail cites a study demonstrating that of all the treatments attempted regular exercise […]

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Tired all the time?  Maybe it’s time to visit a personal trainer

If you’ve been feeling extra drowsy and lethargic even in the morning and even after a hearty meal you may be experiencing more than the winter blues.  More and more studies are finding that a sedentary lifestyle with a fat- and carb-heavy diet can contribute to chronic fatigue and depression.  These are factors that can […]

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