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Pilates at OPUK


With a new, diverse timetable, our elite coaches offer fun and effective group training sessions for improved fitness, strength, mobility and weight loss.

Whatever your goals, our sessions can make you move better and look better. Each class is individually programmed by OPUK performance coaches for the participants on that day. The classes take place on our 1000sqft astro turf and incorporate our specialised strength kit for you to lift, push, pull and carry. These training methods strengthen your body as a whole unit, developing strength and conditioning that carries over directly into healthy, functional movement in daily life, as well as contributing to improved athletic performance for those weekend warriors.

The beauty of this style of training is that a strong athlete can train alongside a complete novice. Careful and efficient monitoring ensures that every attendee can perform the same movements safely and effectively. These group classes create a tremendous atmosphere of camaraderie as participants encourage and inspire each other.


  • Designed to create a huge calorie burn
  • Elevate your resting metabolic rate
  • Develop functional strength
  • Improved athletic performance
  • More affordable than personal training
  • Great for weight loss, fitness and fat loss
  • Improved movement in daily life
  • Challenging and fun

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Ability: All levels welcome

Group Timetable Jan 2018

Never get bored, our sessions are always changing and are all completely adaptable within the session to ANY level of fitness, strength and experience (and confidence), so no excuses!

We guarantee you will feel welcomed and confident in our friendly and supportive environment; as well as safe, regardless of preexisting injury/ condition, as our coaches are highly qualified and experienced to take these into consideration when planning each class.

For the science lovers be assured that our classes are specifically designed by strength and conditioning specialists (who coach Olympic athletes and professional rugby teams) to optimise body composition. This is achieved by working key muscle groups in functional movements as well as working participants in a controlled but high intensity range maximising metabolic cost and generating a massive calorie burn. All this combined ensures improved fat loss as well as building functional strength.

All this from a ‘simple’ group class eh… you’d be mad not to give it a go.



Yes Really!

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Lead by former amateur boxer and OPUK coach Jamie Scott, Boxing Conditioning is a fitness based class that gives you exposure to professional pad work led by boxer and MMA specialist Jamie. Boxing Conditioning is a circuit class incorporating OPUKs specialist strongman kit, in addition to shadow boxing and pad work.

Saturdays 13:00  Book class online


KB Fusion blends OPUKs traditional strongman movements with a dose of kettlebells to create a new feel for our growing class timetable. Expect to work hard and learn new KB moves at the same time!

Mondays 18:30, 19:30   Book class online



Girls only Athletic Strongman

A class dedicated to the girls, using the same methodologies as our signature Athletic Strongman to create a massive metabolic cost and push your fitness to the next level. Push sleds, carry bags and use ropes to produce a lean, healthy body.

Mondays 10:00; Wednesdays 10:00   Book class online


Reduce pain, improve performance

A coach led group mobility session introducing foam rolling, massage ball and massage stick techniques, and specific stretching and activation work for key areas. Each session will cover a different area, you can use the sessions as a mobility session in itself and also to understand and takeaway particular techniques.

Thursdays 18:00   Book class online



Join forces with up to 9 other cohorts and push, pull, lift, drag and carry your way to a leaner, stronger, fitter physique. Coach led, bespoke programmed classes giving you access to all our specialist strength kit, sleds and ropes. A challenging yet rewarding class for all abilities, a firm favourite at OPUK.

Mon 12:00; Tues 07:00, 12:00; Weds 12:00, 18:30, 19:30; Thurs 06:30, 12:00, 19:00; Fri 12:00; Sat 09:00, 10:00; Sun 09:00, 11:00
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OPUKs outstanding training options are now complete with the addition of Pilates to it's group training options. The importance of core strength and mobility cannot be underrated for maximum performance and injury prevention. Coach Aaron is a highly experienced Pilates coach with an impeccable manner, his strength & conditioning background provides a perfect fit for OPUK's training beliefs.

Fridays 10:00   Book class online



Xtreme Circuits is a fresh group training option for OPUK involving a high intensity mix of bodyweight movements, carries, crawls and sprints, be ready to head outside if the weather holds! Primary focus on calorie burn and increasing fitness levels. All abilities.

Tuesdays 10:00; Wednesdays 17:30   Book class online

Terms & Conditions

  • Packs are monthly fees to be set up as direct debit.
  • OPUK require one month’s notice to cancel.
  • Cancellation of the pack may be given before the end of the second month.
  • Bookings subject to class availability.
  • For 4 and 8 packs, sessions cancelled within 24hrs of the booked appointment time will result in the session being lost.
  • On the unlimited package, late cancellations incur a penalty fee of £10.
  • Bookings close 2 hours before the start of each class.
  • Bookings open one week in advance.
  • Clients are entirely responsible for booking their own sessions.
  • Top up group sessions available for £20 if signed up to a group training pack.
  • Sessions do not carry over to the following month.
  • Memberships may be frozen for one month in any 12 month period with one months notice.

  • Offer available to new group session clients only.
  • Bookings limited to class availability.
  • One purchase per person.
  • A session cancelled within 24hrs of the class will be lost.
  • Trial week runs from Mon-Sun.

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