I worry, as many do, about the state of the world, particularly when I follow the news. Recent headlining news is the stories running about Facebook, and how 50 MILLION Facebook users were subjected to a gentle yet bluntly effective drip feed of propaganda that ultimately it seems helped give Trump the keys to the Whitehouse.

‘Fake News’ was 2017s word of the year, and presents the greatest threat to our democracy, free honest opinions and debate. When spread across social media, it can have a profound and incredibly startling effect on the opinions of otherwise smart and sensible people. It is mind boggling to me how information posted on social media can have an instantaneous and complete shift in someone’s thought processes and beliefs, and presents us as human beings as monumentally naive that we surf through our news feeds and believe everything we see. From its humble beginnings, social media is now an incredibly powerful tool to corrupt the minds of us busy and social media happy lemmings, and genuinely has the ability to change the world for the better or for the worse…

Instagram can only ever be a bad thing, aside from being the single greatest pastime that will only waste your time, how many of you out there come away feeling sh*t about some aspect of your life after a 5 minute scroll? You most likely would’ve hit something in that 5 mins that made you feel a bit pants about some aspect of your life, whether its wealth, friends, jealousy of others success, or in the fitness industry an intrinsic self body shaming as everyone you follow seems to be ripped and full of life.

Steroids, fat strippers, Photoshop, bought Likes and Followers and just blatant lies are impossible to screen when you look at someone’s profile, and can easily create the illusion of attainable god like physiques for thousands of Instagram Fitness Influencers and well known personal trainers out there. All this does is warp reality for the general population and leave them feeling confused and demoralised that after 6 months on a health kick they don’t have six packs and a 160kg deadlift. Guys like us then have to pick up the pieces, which by the way can massively slow progress as we take time to gain trust and undo everything they previously had in their heads about training and physiology…

I make the excuse that I have to be on Instagram as I have my own business, and must do all I can to bring about awareness to that business in order to ensure it’s success and therefore the future of my family. I have always been a realist, a cynisist, and someone who pulls himself back from situations to gather all information before forming opinions, yet I still feel sh*t every single time I scroll through Instagram, despite knowing all the above. Something in there will get me.

The ability to possess positive self image and self esteem will unlock the secret to you achieving ANYTHING that you set your mind to. How that comes about is your journey, but start by truly believing those close to you when they tell you that you look great, and that you’re awesome. Don’t let that stuff pass you by in favour of a fix of an Instagram scrolling.

– MB

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